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Lely has been represented in New Zealand for over 40 years and more than 13 years ago Lely established the first (and so far only) factory owned importer and distributor for grassland machinery in New Zealand.

Now available in Northland at Agridustria brittle asthma life expectancy l, call us to find out more about the range of Lely machines available to make your operation more efficient and better production.

Lely is well known from products like the Classic mower range, outstanding tedder series, rakes and The Lely Welger range of balers.  They also produce the most innovative Loader Wagon on the market today.  With Lely establishing the first factory owned importer and distributor for grassland machinery in New Zealand enabled direct factory involvement in product research and development as well as short lines to the end customer which shows commitment to the customer and faith in a growing long term market.  The formula has proven to be successful and cost effective for the dealer and end customer.  The latest product developments from Lely like the Welger Tornado baler wrapper combination and Lely Astronaut A4 milking robot, offer new technology to sustain and enhance the preferred Kiwi lifestyle for years to come.  In 2008 the first Lely Astronaut A3 milking robots were installed in Canterbury and Southland, and the latest A4 robotic systems continue to be installed throughout both islands at an increasing rate.  Lely have established a network of regional sales and service locations for the whole dairy range of equipment with local customer knowledge and specialized staff. Lely continues with being “Innovators in agriculture”



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