New 5H-T4i Series: new look, new comfort, new performance

After its launch in 2012, the 5H tractor range has now been revamped with a newly redesigned cab. The new cab is a four-post design with flat-deck platform and rear hinged doors that provides ease of access to the driver’s seat and unequalled allround visibility. Designed with painstaking attention to detail, the cab interior features ergonomically- arranged controls for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The telescopic tilt-adjustable steering wheel tilts with the instrument panel, allowing the driver to constantly monitor the tractor operation. The air-conditioning with filters located in the rear posts for ease of cleaning makes for an ultra-slim roof design that reduces the tractor overall height. Other improvements include increased hydraulic flow (63 l/min + 30 l/min) and a larger fuel tank with a storage capacity of 120 litres. The 12+12 transmission with power shuttle and shuttle modulation control has now been upgraded with the proven 36+12 T-Tronic transmission with 3-stage powershift which provides a top speed of 40 km/h at reduced engine rpm. The 5H tractor range comprises four models: the 90, 100, 110 and 115. All models are powered by the new Perkins 854E-E34TA engines. Equipped with two-valve technology, common rail injection system and exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), these 3.4-liter, four-cylinder, turbo-aftercooled engines meet the Tier 4 Interim emission regulations and offer power ratings from 88.5 to 113 hp. The first three models in the range come standard with Dual Power system. The 5H tractors are also available with iso-mounted platform.


The 5H tractors are powered by the new Perkins 854E-E34TA four-cylinder turbo-aftercooled engines with two-valve cylinder head and electronic common rail injection system that deliver power ratings from 85 to 113 hp. These 3.4L engines utilize an innovative exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) in conjunction with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet the Tier 4 Interim emission regulations. The electronic engine management, combined with the Dual Power system, allows the engine to automatically deliver extra power and torque to cope with demanding PTO and transport applications. Fully reshaped to reflect the new Landini family style, the tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance


The Top version of the 5H features a basic gearbox (Speed Four) with a hydraulic Reverse Power Shuttle providing three ranges with four speeds in each range. The basic gearbox can be combined with a T-Tronic transmission with three Powershift ranges (high, medium, low) that can be shifted on-the-go using the green buttons integrated in the gear lever, thus providing 36 forward and 12 reverse gears. A creeper unit is available as an option to increase the total number of speeds to 48 forward and 16 reverse. The De-clutch Control (orange button on the gear lever)  and the Reverse Power Shuttle (lever under the steering wheel) allow the driver to change gear and shift from forward to reverse without using the clutch pedal. In addition, the electronically-controlled power shuttle is equipped with a new feature called Shuttle Modulation Control. This consists of a potentiometer fitted on the control panel which allows the driver to fine tune the responsiveness of the clutch and power shuttle to suit the implement being used.



The Total View cab has received a restyled interior giving the driver a brighter and more comfortable working environment, while still retaining the look and feel of the previous version. The fully adjustable driving position offers as standard an air suspension seat and a new instrument panel that tilts with the steering wheel, allowing the driver to constantly monitor the tractor operation. The interior features a sleek and modern design with automotive-grade fit and finish and ergonomicallyarranged controls. The cab is totally isolated from the outside environment through tinted heatinsulated glass and an efficient pressurisation system. A ventilation and air-conditioning system with activated carbon filters mounted on the cab roof further enhances the operator comfort. Natural ventilation is ensured by the openable front and rear windscreens, while a roof hatch provides extra visibility for loader work.



The new hydraulic system provides a maximum total flow of 21.6 gpm (82 l/min) (power lift + steering). The system features four remote valves with lever controls conveniently placed to the driver’s right. Two of the valves are controlled by a joystick and operate either a front loader or a front power lift; the other two are controlled by levers allowing a versatile and efficient use of the implements.



5-090H5-100H 5-110H5-115H
FRONT TYRES380/70 R24380/70 R24380/70 R24380/70 R24
REAR TYRES480/70 R34480/70 R34480/70 R34480/70 R34
A – LENGTH (WITH BALLAST) MM163.8(4160)163.8(4160)163.8(4160)163.8(4160)
B – MIN. WIDTH MM 83(2110)83(2110)83(2110)83(2110)
C – WHEELBASE 2WD/4WD MM93/92(2365/2340)93/92(2365/2340) 93/92(2365/2340) 93/92(2365/2340)
D – HEIGHT OVER ROLL BAR MM100.5(2560)100.5(2560)100.5(2560)100.5(2560)
D – HEIGHT OVER CAB MM101(2563)101(2563)101(2563)101(2563)
E – GROUND CLEARANCE 4RM MM18.5(475)18.5(475)18.5(475)18.5(475)
WEIGHT (WITHOUT BALLAST) 4WD + CAB 440 LB. (200KG) LB. (KG) 8030(3650)8030(3650)8030(3650) 8030(3650)